Our Process

Our process is simple: 

1. Call us so we can discuss exactly what you want. 
2. Send us your artwork and we send you mock-ups of what each product will look like.
3. Approve the mock-ups. Or have us make changes and THEN approve the mock-ups. 
4. We list your items on a custom webstore just for your unit and make them available for a period of time (we recommend Monday-Friday for just one week). 
5. Your people go buy your swag and select "Local Unit Pickup".
6. Their families, friends, and loved ones buy your swag and enter their shipping information.
7. We print all your items. We send you a bulk box to hand out and we drop ship each item to the out-of-towners.
8. Everyone looks great in their new gear, your organization is beaming with pride, morale is lifted, and everyone buys into the mission. 
9. We cut you a check for the agreed upon percentage to add to your unit funds. You take everyone to the movies and they love the unit even more. 
10. You call us again next quarter to rinse and repeat because new people have showed up.

It's that easy folks. We keep it simple stupid.


I've had to order apparel for my unit before -- it's not fun.

Normally it starts with "how the hell do they even print t-shirts?". Then you scramble to find a screen printer. Deal with artwork fees, setup charges, and other nonsense. Next you... print and collect order forms? Google docs it? Text me your sizes? Buy in bulk and hope it sells? Collect money. Break twenties. Turn away checks. Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, Bitcoin, Litcoin, Shitcoin. No, you don't have a card reader. God forbid someone suspects you're pocketing money. Then you get the goods. Track everyone down to pass them out. It looks good, until you wash it. "Why is it already cracking?" ... And it usually ends with "never doing that again".

Until you get to your next unit and somehow they say "I heard you know how to get us unit shirts." 

So, we set out to eliminate all friction from the process and give you exactly what you want. 

We've picked the best quality go-to items for your organization to pick from. We'll get you what you want and make it look the way you want. We'll design it, list it on our website so you don't have to handle money, ship you the bulk order to hand out to your unit, and we'll even drop-ship items to your family and friends that are out of state. Best of all, we'll work with you to provide a kick-back on each items sold to donate to your unit funds account. At the end of the day, you'll have outfitted your unit in professional gear that screams "we like it here, we love it here, we finally found a home!", provided the opportunity for family and friends to connect to your organization, and raised funds to go do awesome things WITHOUT doing ANY of the legwork.